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We treat dogs like family

Let us take care of your doggie’s smile

Our team consists of qualified professionals with extensive experience in oral hygiene and passionate about dogs. Our business is 100% mobile and we will drive to our clients at their preferred location. Our mission is to provide & maintain your pets oral hygiene with love and give your doggie the greatest smile!

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What is tartar on dogs?

Also called dental calculus, tartar is when dental plaque builds up. Bacteria begin to organize and produce toxins that can lead to gingivitis. Due to the fact that the animals do not have their teeth brushed correctly, this plaque buildup becomes larger until it calcifies, forming the tartar.Besides the visual issue, the first symptom that shows the existence of tartar is bad breath. This condition can progress to chronic gingivitis, leading to tooth loss and in more chronic cases, vital organs such as kidneys, liver and heart can be affected.

We drive to you!

We have a home care service.
You just need to tell us where you are and we drive to you.


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